miércoles, noviembre 24, 2004

My Travel se salva en los juzgados

Acabo de recibir un email de Peter McHugh CEO de My Travel con el siguiente texto:
"Dear colleague
Court decides in favour of MyTravel
I’m pleased to tell you that the High Court has ruled in our favour today. The court said that we can restructure through a scheme of arrangement without the approval of the convertible bondholders. It agreed with our argument that they have no economic interest in the company. The court has vindicated our decision to pursue the scheme of arrangement.
There is an administrative legal issue that we still have to resolve and we are confident of being able to do so quickly. Once the court has cleared our proposals we expect to be in a position to go ahead and implement the scheme. The scheme is designed to ensure the completion of our restructuring by the end of the year.
Peter McHugh
Chief Executive, MyTravel Group plc"

Esta victoria en los tribunales supone la práctica salvación de la compañía. Buenas noticias para el sector, que se exponía a una posible insolvencia y a un proceso de concentración muy perjudicial.